Call for Participation

This workshop focuses on digital craftsmanship as a domain of HCI research, exploring qualities such as diversity, risk, mastery, and materiality. It brings together tool developers, creative practitioners, ethnographers, and others interested in the expressive use of digital technology. We aim to highlight digital craftsmanship as a distinct domain for HCI research, explore opportunities and challenges for the creation of expressive digital mediums, foster a community of invested researchers, and distill insights and best practices for the broader HCI community in the form of a digital craftsmanship manifesto.

Date and Location:
Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS)
Brisbane | Australia
June 5th, 2016

The one-day workshop will include group discussions and sharing of participants’ work in a “science-fair” setting. Participants will be encouraged to bring work to share, including tangible artifacts, digital tools and interfaces, documentation of ethnographic research, etc.). We will conclude with a collective effort to generate a manifesto detailing approaches for supporting craftsmanship through HCI research.

Topics of interest include:

  • Blending traditional and digital mediums
  • Software design tools
  • Digital fabrication and craft
  • Studies of craft and making practices
  • Electronics and craft
  • Ethnographies of art, craft, and maker communities
  • Creative coding tools
  • Personal digital-art practice
  • Related domains of creative technology, such as music, theater, and dance

Submission Details:
Interested parties are invited to submit 1000-1500 word position papers as a blog post. Submissions can describe participants’ research or discuss topics relevant to the workshop theme. Submissions should include images, videos, and links where appropriate.

To submit, please register as a contributor here.

The submission deadline is May 4th, 2016. For questions, contact